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Warrior Achievement RPG Icons are a great set for creating interesting, iconic 2D games. Quests, adventures, roguelikes, shooters, simulations, tower defense, runners, puzzles, MMO RRPGs, RPGs are just a few of the genres this set is suitable for. Here, you can find such icons (1024×1024) as: shield and bow with arrows icon, shield and swords icon, shield and spear icons. Each icon has its own style. Create your own, cool fighting game world and various quests in which the player will fight for his unique reward. The harder the task the player completes, the more unique reward he will receive.
In addition, you can easily edit this set. Change the color scheme, add new details or scale the size. To do this, you can use any graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • Graphics: 2D;
  • Quantity: 30 icons;
  • Archive with files: PSD, PNG;
  • Resolution: 1024×1024.