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XenForo 2 removes the unread view from the watched thread list, but adds filtering in various other places.

Watched threads backups
  • When a mass watched threads deletes happen, a backup is created
  • Prompts users to restore if there is an empty list
  • Adds a menu dropdown under "manage watched threads" menu"
  • Optional expiry period for used vs unused backups
  • Supports backing up/restoring Threadmark read tracking as well
Send notifications by default for
  • Enrolls new users to automatically watch a forum
  • When editing a user in the admincp, add an option to enroll the user for default-watches in forums they can view
  • When a user is made a moderator, enroll the user for default-watches in forums they can view
Filtering watched threads
  • Adds filtering with the default "unread" filter for the watched thread list.
  • Supports filtering by forums, unread status, last update status, etc.

Integrates with Word Count Search and MultiPrefix, integrates with Threadmarks/Thread Starter Alerts

Support automatically watching various forums for new users.

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