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We present Water Monsters Pixel Art Sprite Sheet Pack. This excellent set is suitable for use in various genres of the 2D game industry. For example: quests, strategies, puzzles, action, roguelike, MMORPG, CRPG and others. In this pack, there are 3 quality bosses (great white shark, wild hermit crab, big octopus) ready to use in your project.

Also, each of them has its own unique movement animations:

  • 4 types of attack;
  • Death;
  • Hurt;
  • Idle;
  • Special;
  • Walk.

Use this set to create a world full of sea battles, with underwater monsters. All graphics consist of sprite sheets sized 576×96 pixels. You can easily edit the entire set (any parameters). For this, it is better to use Adobe Photoshop or similar graphic editors.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel art;
  • Quantity: 3 characters and 9 sprite sheets;
  • Formats: PSD, PNG.
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