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Introducing Workers and Drones Pixel Art Character Pack for your project. This is a good set that contains 6 high- quality enemies. This set is perfect for creators of 2D game projects in such genres as action, RPG, roguelike, turn-based, platformers, runners, quest and others. It is great to diversify your game project!

Dump Enemies will help you, namely:
  • Robotic garbage compactor;
  • Flying robot with a magnet;
  • A robotic machine that grinds garbage;
  • Janitor cleaner with a gun;
  • Janitor with a bag of garbage;
  • Cleaner with a shovel.

All characters have movement animations (attack, death, hurt, idle, walk) in the form of sprite sheets. Add unique dump enemies that will be an additional obstacle for the player. Or use them to diversify your game content. You can make the game more unique by changing the color scheme or adding new details in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Files: PNG, PSD;
  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art.
Demo animation:



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