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The following incompatibility occurred after moving from php 7.4.23 to 8.1.6 and upgrading Invision Community from to 4.7.11, resulting in a 500 error in the admin center and in the public part of the site:


Find in p.207:
public function clubForm( \IPS\Helpers\Form $form )
Replaced by:
public function clubForm( \IPS\Helpers\Form $form, \IPS\Member\Club $club )


Find in p.261:
public static function tagsFormField( $item, $container )
Replaced by:
public static function tagsFormField( $item, $container, $minimized = FALSE )

Error when editing Musicbox app playlist on front (related to Advanced Tags & Prefixes app )
Find in page 434:
implode( $extralang, ' ' )
Replaced by:
implode( ' ', $extralang )

Do you feel limited by the tag system or prefixes?

This application enhances IPS 4's built-in tag and prefix system. It adds custom styling and fine-grained control over prefixes, plus new settings, enhancements, and helpful moderation tools. Prefixes are explicitly created through the Admin CP, and can be chosen from a separate prefix dropdown when creating a topic or other prefix-enabled content.

Some of its features:
  • Define all prefixes manually through the Prefix Manager--even for open-tag systems.
  • Show common tags and prefixes across your site with the Tag Cloud Widget.
  • Add, fix, merge, and remove tags and prefixes in bulk through the Tag Manager.
  • Choose a prefix when posting any prefix-enabled content, separate from tags.
  • Control where and how tags and prefixes are displayed.
  • Add custom HTML formatting to your prefixes, allowing colors, images, and much more.
  • Limit prefixes by member group and location.
  • Require a prefix in certain forums*.
  • Add tags and prefixes to topics in bulk with Saved Actions or the Mass-Add tool.
  • Apply a prefix to topics imported from RSS.
  • Set a default prefix and tags for all new topics in a forum*.
  • Override the global tag settings by forum*. This lets you enter custom tags in some forums and not others, or change how many tags are required, or have a prefix option without any tags at all.
  • Display topic prefixes in the page title, last post info, and as filters under each forum's description, if you want.