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Introducing Catapult Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense, a visually stunning asset designed specifically for 2D game developers. This exceptional set includes a variety of carefully crafted graphics with catapult towers of various sizes and styles. From compact wooden structures to towering stone fortresses, this collection offers a wide range of options to enhance your tower defense game. Also, here you can find as many as three types of different catapults that can easily be located on one of the towers. Each one comes with its own set of animations that are designed to spice up your game and personalize it, further engaging your players in battle against enemy forces.

Immerse your players in an exciting world where they must strategically position and upgrade catapult towers to defend against waves of enemies. Each tower in this set has different stages of development, allowing for smooth development and visual enhancements throughout the game. Using Adobe Photoshop, you can effortlessly set up or customize this set. For example, you can change colors, sizes, and even add personalized banners to tower walls to showcase their uniqueness. The versatility of this pixel art masterpiece goes beyond tower defense games. It caters to a wide range of popular 2D game genres such as RPG, Survival, Runner, Fighting and more. Unleash the potential of this comprehensive resource pack and give your players an unforgettable experience.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.
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