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Make your 2D game project more unique, varied and interesting with Fairy Face Game Icons. Create your own little fantasy world with a variety of characters, residents and NPCs. The collection consists of 48 icons of fairies, of different gender, appearance and skin color. Each of the characters has its own length and hair color, unique clothes, age, jewelry, eye color etc. You can easily add new characters or replace old ones in your project. Players will definitely appreciate the look, number and variety of characters.
This icon set is perfect for creating various genres of games in the 2D industry such as action, MMORPG, CRPG, text novels, card games, etc. If you wish, you can easily change the icon design. For example, adjust the color scheme, add new details or scale the size, in any convenient graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator.

  • Graphics: 2D;
  • Quantity: 48 characters;
  • Format: AI, EPS and PNG;
  • Resolution: 256×256.

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