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Get ready to dive into the depths of the dungeons and take on the cunning kobolds with this unique set of Kobold Loot RPG Icons. This exciting collection of icons is designed to bring a sense of mischief, treasure and adventure to your RPG. With carefully crafted icons representing the loot dropped by these mischievous creatures, you can enhance your gaming experience and provide players with a wide range of valuable rewards and resources. In this package, you will find many treasures that the kobolds have amassed in their cunning ways. From sparkling gold coins and gems to mysterious artifacts, wooden stumps and hidden scrolls. There are many resources here that both beginners and experienced 2D game developers will appreciate.

As players overcome insidious traps, solve intricate puzzles, and outsmart the cunning kobolds, loot icons become symbols of their triumphs and clues to new abilities, equipment, and hidden secrets. In addition, you can easily use them for many popular 2D game genres (RPGs, runners, strategies, survivals, quests, horror games, etc). Also, you can easily integrate them into many popular engines (Cocos 2D, GDevelop, Defold).

  • Quantity: 48 different icons;
  • Graphics: 2D, Vector;
  • Formats: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Resolution: 256×256.

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