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Before you RPG Undead Loot Icons. The archive of icons includes: a mandrake, an amulet with a fang, a deer skull, old boots, leather gloves, a broken Viking helmet, papyrus, a letter, a key, fragments of an arrow and an ax, buttons for a voodoo ritual doll, an occult sacrifice, a tuft of hair, papyrus, ritual candles, precious stones, a knife, a medallion with a photo, a skull with a candle, an emerald, a diamond, body parts, organs and bones, a talisman against vampires (beads with garlic), a textbook of dark magic, a crown, a ring, a diadem, a bag of gold and much more. Expand the story and mysteries of the quest, create loot, assign badges to special skill trees or gameplay mechanics.

The graphics are suitable for standard icons in the Action-RPG genre, as well as for other uses. Delight your players with new updates using graphic game resources from our website.

Icons with a background have a size of 512×512, while icons without a background have a custom size depending on the object.

  • Graphics: 2D;
  • Quantity: 50 pcs;
  • Formats: PSD, PNG.

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