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We present you the RPG Undead Skill Icon Set. Add some variety to your game with material and magical abilities such as the rise of the dead, skeleton attack, invisibility, stealth, mushroom eating effect, devastating strike, poisonous fog, and other skills to create and use it, deadly accuracy, vertigo, fog mind, bite, control a raven, bombs creation, bleed, wield melee weapons, cast curses, suppress will, control ball and normal lightning, using a short blade, “blood trail,” shredding blow, damage remotion, summon ghosts and entities, “all-seeing eye,” a hail of arrows and much more. This icon pack can be used for the undead and other fantasy antagonists on the dark side (witches, sorcerers, orcs, trolls, goblins) and even for the main character. The collection is suitable for games in any genre, from RPG or MMORPG, ending with a card game or a quest. Customize the bonus system or the path of pumping the main character by assigning them specific points of strength, damage, gaining ranks or buff effects.

Edit the Undead Skill Raster Icons. Change their color scheme, orientation, graphic style, and dimensions in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Graphics: 2D;
  • Quantity: 50 pieces;
  • Archive with files: PSD, PNG;
  • Resolution: 512×512.

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