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We publish Magician Chibi 2D Game Sprites. There are 3 characters in the set. Each has a unique look. All characters have ready-made animations created in the Spriter program. Warriors can be used in role-playing fantasy games as opponents or main characters. All graphics are vector. You can edit it for your tasks. For example, change the color of clothes, remove unnecessary items and much more. The archive contains the following formats: AI, EPS, PNG (sprites 900×900) and SCML.

Please pay attention. The archive contains the Unity file without a finished script. Graphics are simply saved in this format.

  • Idle;
  • Idle Blinking;
  • Kicking;
  • Slashing;
  • Slashing in The Air;
  • Sliding;
  • Throwing;
  • Throwing in The Air;
  • Walking;
  • Dying;
  • Falling Down;
  • Hurt;
  • Run Slashing;
  • Run Throwing;
  • Running;
  • Jump Loop;
  • Jump Start.
Demo animation:


These characters were created by team. The project bought the rights to copy the style and use the animation to create new chibi characters.



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