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We present Magician Girl Chibi Character Sprites, which can make your game content more unique and diverse. This is a treasure trove for the creators of 2D gaming campaigns. After all, as many as 3 characters are stored here (sorceress women). They have high-quality graphics and are great for many game genres (RPG, MMO-RPG, adventure, runner, simulation, battle arena, tower defense, etc.).

The original set consists of:
  • A red-haired girl who possesses fire magic;
  • A girl with gray hair who controls the ice;
  • A girl with blond hair who controls the element of water.

Use this pack to create a world where battles between magicians, sorceresses and various creatures will take place. Also, a great addition to this set will be similar in style – “Magician Demon Chibi 2D Sprites”. If you wish, you can easily edit this template and make it more unique. For example, you can add new decorations to the heads of sorceresses, change the color of the hair, integrate new elements of clothing, etc. For this kind of changes, you can use any vector editor (Adobe Illustrator).

  • Quantity: 3 characters;
  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG.
Demo animation:




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