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Monsters from the Exclusion Zone Pixel Art is a great pack that can be easily implemented in many 2D game projects. Quests, puzzles, runners, action, roguelikes, MMORPGs, CRPGs, platformers and this is just a small part of the genres in which this set can be used. Here you will find as many as 3 high-quality monsters, namely:

  • A bear-eater with a bloodied muzzle;
  • Large mutant worm;
  • Stalker in a red suit and a machine gun behind his back.

Create your own world full of zombies, monsters and survivors who must get their food by fighting various creatures. Graphics from will help you with this. Also, another set designed in the same style – “Exclusion Zone Tileset Pixel Art” – will perfectly fit this set. At the same time, the main bonus of this package is a unique character animation (several types of attacks, death, hurt, idle, special, walk). Animation of mutants is stored as sprite sheets, size (384×96). You can easily begin editing and making various customizations to this pack. For example, change color, adjust protrusions, symbols, eye color, suit wrinkle, etc. For this kind of editing, Adobe Photoshop will suit you.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel art;
  • Quantity: 3 characters and 9 sprite sheets;
  • Formats: PSD, PNG.
Demo animation:



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