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This is the RPG Platformer Game Assets. Please pay attention! The collection is assembled from ready-made sets that were previously uploaded separately. We also created new graphics (interface elements, objects) and finalized the main character (added new animation). This game kit combines graphics from different sets.

Use the collection to create 2D platform RPGs. The set contains such basic game parts as: characters, locations, game interface, environment items, abilities, background and weapons.

The interface includes: opening windows, movement navigation, buttons, and dialog clouds. The game menu includes: cuirass, pause, information, shop, skills, inventory, stats.

The levels include tiles (128×128), items, traps and four locations. The background is parallax graphics (1334×750): coniferous forest, dark dungeon of cultists, mines with emeralds and other precious stones, hell or purgatory with lava.

A village is a neutral location that consists of a set of land tiles, buildings, interior and exterior objects, a forest parallax background, and other themed items.

15 chibi characters with 3 emotes and animation sprites such as: base, idle, idle blinking, slashing, throwing, kicking, walking, running, run slashing, run throwing, sliding, jump start, jump loop, slashing in the air, throwing in the air, falling down, hurt, dying.

The main character is the dark elf. Keep in mind that he has special Climb and Double jump skills that other opponents don’t have.

There are also 2 NPC helper characters – Dark and Light Magician. They should improve his skills, protect him in battle and supply him with useful items. But you always have the right to use them at your own discretion and make them the same full-fledged main characters or opponents.

All body parts of chibi characters are completely vector and are available for transformation and editing. So you always have the opportunity to combine and create completely new heroes on their basis.

Also in the kit you will find: five potions, five swordsman skills, five swords.

If you wish, you can change the start set in the vector editor. Create your own unique style with a new design, color scheme and added details.

  • Graphics: 2D, vector;
  • Archive with files: AI, EPS, PNG.
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