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This is the RPG Platformer Game Kit.

Please pay attention! This kit is assembled from the ready-made kits already placed. We also added new graphics (interface elements, objects) and finalized the main character (added new animation). This game kit shows the use case for graphics from different kits.

This collection will allow you to create a 2D RPG platformer. The collection includes the main game parts: game interface, characters, locations, background and environmental items, abilities and weapons.

  • The interface includes: inventory, skills, shop, information, pause, items, stats, tips, dialog boxes, action icons – controls and attacks;
  • 4 locations (levels) consisting of tiles (128×128), backgrounds (1334×750) and items;
  • 1 village location consists of a set of land tiles, objects to create a building, a background and themed items;
  • 8 Opponents with ready-made animations: Dying; Falling Down; Hurt; Idle; Idle Blinking; Jump Loop; Jump Start; Kicking; Run Shooting; Run Throwing; Running; Shooting; Shooting in The Air; Sliding; Throwing; Throwing in The Air; Walking;
  • The main character is an archer. Please pay attention! We added new animations to the character: Climb, Double jump, Idle blinking. Other characters do not have such animations.
  • 2 NPC characters. As planned, they should sell the main character items and improve his skills. Of course, you can use them at your discretion (we have added all the available animation, including the attack one).

All body parts of the characters are 100% vector and can be easily edited. So you always have the opportunity to combine them and create completely new characters.

Also in the set you will find: five skills of an archer, five bows, five potions.

If desired, you can change the starter set in the vector editor. Create your own unique style with a new design, color scheme and additional details.

  • Graphics: 2D, vector;
  • Quantity: 15 characters, 4 parallax backgrounds and environment objects, 10 game interface windows;
  • Format: Archive with files: AI, EPS, PNG.
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