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We present to your attention this Spider Loot Vector Icons. The set has everything you need for the creators of modern 2D games in various genres, including exciting RPGs, fast runners, thoughtful card games, entertaining adventures, curious quests, as well as MMO-RPGs. Here, you will find as many as 48 unique icons that can perfectly complement your game world. Stretching webs, rotten fruit, dead spiders and their limbs (head, paws, eyes, etc.), chests, flies, sword, poison, bags, ancient writings, necklace, staves and food. These icons add a touch of tension and excitement to your game, enhancing your players’ immersion in the search for valuable loot.

Use this set to create an impressive level where the player will have to fight a horde of monstrous spiders that are out for blood, and in return he will receive a lot of useful loot, for example, for crafting protection or trading. In addition, when using any vector editor, you can easily bring your creative ideas to these assets. For example, you can integrate additional elements of spider venom or change the structure of the web, making it more realistic. To do this, you can use the vector editor Adobe Illustrator.

  • Quantity: 48 different icons;
  • Graphics: 2D, Vector;
  • Formats: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Resolution: 256×256.

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