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Introducing this Swamp Objects Top Down Pixel Art. This pack offers a wide range of detailed and immersive assets that will bring your game project to life with a new biome – a mysterious swamp environment. Here you will find the following objects: totems (with and without skulls), dangerous plants with teeth, a witch’s haven, a cauldron with a potion, trees of various shapes, huge mushrooms overgrown with vines, scary witches’ houses, statues, the skeleton of a huge animal and other unique objects.

Designed in the popular pixel art style, this pack includes everything you need to create a realistic and spooky swamp environment. Each object is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, making it fit seamlessly into your game’s top-down perspective. Whether you’re designing a puzzle, adventure, RPG, or strategy game, these pixel art objects will help you achieve the desired effect. Also, if necessary, you can edit this package at any time. For better customization, it is better to use any popular graphic editors, like Adobe Photoshop.

  • Format: PNG, PSD;
  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art.

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