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Introducing Swamp Top-Down Tileset Pixel Art, which has everything you need to quickly and efficiently create a cool level or a new biome in your game. This is a really big package where you can find: animated objects (stagnant swamp water, swamp lily, algae), level tiles (different color, shape and consistency), stones, ancient stone sculptures, totems from skulls, various plants, trees (fallen, stumps, seedlings, withered, with a shape, etc.), a building, huge mushrooms and much more.

This amazing collection of diverse elements and resources will aid you in developing an enthralling and captivating world filled with swamps, peculiar creatures, and intriguing quests. Introducing this biome as a new feature or supplement to your existing project will earn your community’s admiration. Additionally, with its high-quality graphics and the popular Pixel Art style, this set can be seamlessly integrated with various 2D game genres, such as RPGs, runners, quests, adventures, turn-based strategies, and more. You can also make personalized adjustments and alterations to this package with ease, using graphic editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • Format: PSD, PNG.

The size of one ground (water) tile is 16×16.
The archive contains sheets of sprites.

Demo animation:




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