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Here is Undead Avatar Icons Pixel Art. A smaller version (32×32) of the classic undead set. This colorful pixel art set is suitable for any genre of 2D games, such as: MMORPG, CRPG, Action-RPG, Rogue RPG, action platformer or even a text quest. Use the characters as enemy units, mid-level bosses, or even the main villains. The antagonists include such well-known representatives of the fantasy world as: a ghostly knight, a Gorgon jellyfish, a cursed child, a succubus, a mummy, a dryad and an ent, various ghouls, sirens, a goblin archer, an orc warrior and other mutants from ancient myths and legends. Unique appearance, clothing typical of the Middle Ages and folklore images familiar to everyone will please any fan of fantasy games. All characters are representatives of different gender, race and age.

Use the icons in the text dialog box to highlight characters, player avatars, or story characters. The collection consists of 3 main types of icons rendering: contour in b/w, contour in color, detailed volumetric multi-colored (light/shadow). All icons are easily resizable and can be transformed in any raster graphics editor such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • Graphics: 2D, pixel art;
  • Quantity: 48 characters;
  • Format: PSD and PNG;
  • Resolution: 32×32.
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