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Introducing Undead Characters Full Length Pixel Art. It will fit perfectly into fantasy and medieval themes. Although the undead in games are classic negative characters and are used as antagonists, bosses or enemy units, you can still make them more ambiguous quest characters. The pack consists of full-length images of heroes and icons. Use scary and gloomy characters for pixel 2D games such as CRPGs, Card games, Action-RPGs, Action-platformers, MMORPGs, Rogue RPGs, and even text novels.

The undead set consists of:
  • dark vampire baron with a glass of blood;
  • dark mage (warlock) with skulls and a staff;
  • a short poison merchant with a huge boa constrictor around his neck and a basket full of snakes (dead halfling poison dealer);
  • skeleton magician with scrolls, tablets and various ancient tomes;
  • succubus demon girl (dead witch, vampiress) in a chic medieval dress, with fangs and red eyes;
  • dead craftsman (ghoul, ghost, half skeleton);
  • scarecrow with a carved jack pumpkin (pumpkin head, scarecrow);
  • green-haired mermaid with legs and in a dress (river maiden, water nymph).

Each of the undead characters has 4 types of emotions: joy / laughter; self-satisfied smirk/questioning look; anger / rage / resentment in facial expressions; calmness/friendly state.

  • Graphics: 2D, pixel art;
  • Quantity: 8 characters, 4 emotion;
  • Format: PNG, PSD.

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