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Introducing Water Pack Tileset for Platformer Pixel Art. This is an unusual set that is overflowing with many different goodies. The creators of 2D games will definitely be able to discover something new for themselves. This pack contains various tiles to create a level (32×32), background (576×324), a broken ship, an anchor, variations of chests, barrels (whole / broken), algae, corals, stones, logs, and much more. This is a fairly rich set that will allow you to create a really interesting and entertaining level or game. The archive of this pack also contains animated objects stored as sprite sheets.
You can edit the whole package in any graphics editor. For example, you can add unique elements to each of the bosses (birthmarks, coats of arms, etc.). Also, you can easily integrate them into popular game engines like Unity, GameSalad, Buildbox, etc.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Formats: PSD, PNG.
Demo animation:




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